"The Shocking True Story Of 
What Actually Happened The 
Night Of December 27th, 2007"
A Story Of Massive Failure, Public Shaming, Self Destruction, Self Reflection 
And The Long, Hard, Rewarding and Beautiful Road Out Of Self Inflicted Personal Hell. 
“For anyone who feels like they've screwed up too bad to recover and make something of their life, this book is a must read. 

It entertains, educates, and shockingly illustrates the immense power forgiveness can have on each human life. 

Everyone deserves a second chance, and Macaully Ryan is a shining example of how to use it when given.

Too many people make a mistake and live with the shackles of eternal self hate.

The contents of this book will give you the keys to free yourself from those shackles and the power to step into your most powerful life.”

- Mike Kemski #1 Bestselling Author of “Change Your Energy Change Your Life”


This book hooked me from the start and brought up so many real and raw emotions that I couldn't put it down.

I was able to relate to the power of this book throughout. It was as real and raw as it gets.

Reading and relating Macaully's story and journey to my own personal demons and story each step of the way.

I felt the anger, shame and resentment early on this book only to lead me to my own feelings of purpose, hope and forgiveness.

For me, this was more than just another book, hearing Mac's story of his personal struggles that ultimately lead to success and freedom.

It allowed me to finally forgive myself and the hope that I too could be forgiven and set free to live my dream life again.

I'm so grateful to have read this book at a time when I needed it most.

- Mike Young
"Reading this book shook me up... in a good way. It's hard to explain, but it opens your mind to a few uncomfortable truths we all need to hear.  

First, no matter how bad someone has screwed up in their life, if they choose to forgive themselves and change, they can fully change. And two, as human beings, we are not unlike the people we judge most.

Mac shows us you can't be so quick to judge if something is black or white because the truth is it's always more grey than we are comfortable admitting."

- Mitch Miller, author of "Follow The White Rabbit" and Co Founder of Opposed Media

Read your book yesterday. Bit to mentally process..

Like the part where you’re only 23.

But the rest of it..very heavy. Thank you for sharing

Couple of parts had me crying to be honest...particularly when you received that Christmas card and were forgiven 

Anyway, I appreciate the vulnerability. Cheers

- Anonymous 

Hey! Aren’t you that cat killer?” 
“Burn in hell, you will for what you’ve done”
“We need to build a human size microwave and put these faggot emo kids inside to pay for what they did”
"You better watch your back, we're coming for you pussy cat killer"

...My father was the only income for our family of 9.

6 boys, 1 girl and 2 parents.

Not because my mother was lazy or sick, but because she and my father believed that there was a more power in keeping us out of the school system than having a second income.

My mother was my school teacher.

We never had a lot, but we always had everything we needed.

Even in hard times there was always food on the table.

It wasn't easy for them, like it isn't for most people. They worked day in and day out to keep our family alive and kicking.
I wasn't fed with a silver spoon. If I wanted something, I had to work for it. Ever since I was young I was taught this. My mother and father were perfect examples to follow.

My upbringing was very very different than most people I know. I learned to work like they did in the old days and how to use my imagination or make swords out of 2x4s to fight with my brothers until someone got hurt.

We would jump on frozen river banks until the ice broke and we fell 10 feet into the freezing creek in Canadian winter for fun.

Once I learned what I needed to know homeschooling, I wasn't forced to get an A grade in something I didn't like. I was encouraged to learn what I love, learn to teach myself and to love learning.

I was introduced to Napoleon Hill and Robert Kyosaki before I was 14. I was raised well and set up for success... however, I was also arrested by 13 years old and fucked up REALLY BAD more times than I can count.

I was never coddled or told what I did wrong was okay. In fact, I was disciplined better than most people I know. I was never raised to be a bad kid, I just found it on my own…

“Hey! Aren’t you that cat killer?”
“Burn in hell, you will for what you’ve done”
“We need to build a human size microwave and put these faggot emo kids inside to pay for what they did”

These accusations, threats or whatever you’d like to call them are what I’ve been hearing for the last 10 years of my life, thousands of times over. And for a while, I deserved them. Because they are partially correct.

I’ve been quietly hiding and trying to push this area of my life into a dark shadowy corner of reality and not poke my head too high out of the water so no one notices me... but I can’t do that anymore.

I wrote my experience, and the full story of what happened on December 27, 2007 and put it into a book to own the whole thing and make it very publicly known what I’ve done, who I am and what I’m trying to do to make it right.

This story has been written and ready for nearly 8 months and I’ve put off releasing it because I am honestly quite terrified. But it’s not about me now, I’m fine and I’ll be fine. This is my story and it’s for someone else now who doesn’t feel like they deserve the success, happiness or even life itself that they truly DO deserve… but can’t see it in themselves right now.

This is my story.
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